Taylor Swift, The Flawless Queen
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I can’t find any big hq pictures of Taylor and Selena from last night.

does anyone have any or a link to them that they could send me?


Sometimes I just lay here and cry because of how much I love Taylor Swift.

Okay more like all the time.


So, Taylor’s Mom came up to us (all the way up in the nosebleed section!) and told us to follow her then she introduced herself to us, and I freaked out obviously. So she took us and a group of like 7 others down to the floor into a private gated area right in front of the stage! So I was screaming my as off and Taylor waved at me and everything from stage! Then her Mom came and told me she was taking me to Club Red! So then at the end of the show we stayed in the area and they came to take us backstage(after telling us a bunch of rules) and we went into the Club area and they had a photo booth, pizza, drinks, candy, and Taylor’s clothes! Then Taylor came in and came to us first and she said she saw me while performing and was glad I made it backstage!! She also said I was the cutest thing! and hugged me twice then signed things for me!! Then she went to see the other people that made it and had to go and waved goodbye to us as she left! Greatest Day of my life I cant even believe this is real!!